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Formant filter

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If your music doesn't get enough "Aahs" and "Oohs", maybe you should try putting them into the actual music? Formant Filter shapes the sound in a similar way. The final filter in Thor's armoury is a rather special one named a Formant filter, so -called because it imposes formants on any signal passed. A formant, as defined by James Jeans, is a harmonic of a note that is augmented by a that are generated by passing a click train (to simulate the glottal pulse train) through a pair of bandpass filters (to simulate vocal tract resonances).

Modor's Formant Filter is a special filter that does a kind of 'vowel morphing' between three vowels. The big central FORMANT control is responsible for that, and. In the musical world, formant filter basically emulates the vocal tract to add vocal quality to synthesizers and other instruments. In speech synthesis [27,39], digital filters are often used to simulate formant filtering by the vocal tract. It is well known [23] that the different vowel sounds of.

Figure 1(d): [right-bottom] Band-pass filter. Let's start by remembering the four types of filters that I first described in Parts. Formant filters (loosely) simulate the characteristics of the human voice. When a formant filter is set to the letter “E,” for example, it emphasizes the frequencies. The Orb is a formant filter plugin which simulate the characteristics of the human voice. The Orb can transform any sound into a vowel-like filtered sound.


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