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Ruby sinatra link

Ruby sinatra link

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ERB template does not behave like a ruby string - you need to explicitly tell it you exit the 'template' part into the 'logic' part. It looks very odd. Create basic site using Ruby and Sinatra (and external templates) - 1. #!/usr/ bin/env ruby. =begin . link rel="stylesheet" href="Assets/Styles/">. SINATRA. Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort: require 'sinatra' get '/frank-says' do 'Put this in your pipe & smoke it!.

Using Extensions. How to use Sinatra extensions in your application and links to extensions in the wild. RDoc documentation courtesy of Sinatra routes are simply Ruby methods with an associated code block that get called link(), Link relationships between existing resources. It was built in Ruby by Blake Mizerany in and is used by everyone In the appropriate View file, add a link element to the html head that.

Looking for a project to practice your Ruby skills? We are going to build a “link shortener” application with the Ruby Sinatra web framework. Sinatra, a Ruby "micro framework" for developing Web applications, is hot stuff! Despite being over a year since we first mentioned Sinatra (as. Looking for a project to practice your Ruby skills? Let's build one together! http:// I'm using Sinatra and following the template laid out in learnrubythehardway. I was wanting to make it a bit more pretty though. I've linked.


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